Image Gallery & Licensing

We welcome visitors to browse the Rube Goldberg Cartoon Gallery -- for fun, laughs, and inspiration! We have a broad range of digitized images that are searchable by title and/or subject matter. All images are available for license. If you are looking for a drawing on a particular topic that you don't see represented, feel free to contact us and we'll search our database and try to accommodate your request.

  1. A Portable Cigar Lighter That Works
  2. Auto Vote Counting
  3. Automatic Dishwasher
  4. Automobile Mirrors for Feminine Beauty
  5. Baseball Scores
  6. Be Your Own Dentist
  7. Beginner Bridge Players
  8. Closing the Windows While You are Away
  9. Contraption Bed
  10. Cut Your Own Hair
  11. Easy Way to Break in a New Pipe
  12. Enjoying the Air at the Seashore
  13. fish dig up bait
  14. Foolish Questions – No. 2,333
  15. Garage Door opener
  16. Garage Invention
  17. Get rid of mouse
  18. Getting the Time on the Radio
  19. Hair Cut Reminder
  20. Handy Self opening umbrella
  21. Happiness Machine for the Holidays
  22. Home Vacation Machine
  23. How to Get Rid of a Mouse
  24. How to Get Sand Out of Your Shoes
  25. How to Protect Yourself Against a Holdup Man
  26. How to Shut Off the Movie
  27. Idea to Keep You from Forgetting to Mail Your Wife’s Letter
  28. Ideas for Sunday at the Seashore
  29. Invention for When You Slip on a Scatter Rug
  30. Inventions for Movie-Goers
  31. Keep Shop Windows Clean
  32. Mail Wife’s Letters
  33. May I Have the Next Dance?
  34. Moth Exterminator
  35. No More Laundry Delay
  36. No More Laundry Delays
  37. No More Old Maids
  38. No More Over Sleeping
  39. No More Unlucky Fisherman
  40. Only One Answer
  41. Painless Tooth Extractor
  42. Patent Fan
  43. Pencil Sharpener
  44. Picture snapping machine
  45. Postcard Book Cover
  46. Realistic Radio Football Game
  47. RG_102 Wars only winner
  48. RG_104 The dumbness of it all
  49. RG_115 Fair Deal Planning Machine
  50. RG_133 New Career Machine
  51. RG_207 Figure nextpresident
  52. RG_210 Candidate to please
  53. RG_95 Why a primary
  54. Rube and Chairs
  55. Safety Device For Icy Pavements
  56. Safety Device for Walking on Icy Pavements
  57. Sand Out of Shoe
  58. Self Scrubbing bath brush
  59. Self Watering Palm Tree
  60. Self Working Sunshade
  61. Self-Opening Umbrella
  62. Self-Watering Palm Tree
  63. Send Late Stayer Home
  64. Sheet music turner
  65. Simple Device for Cutting Your Own Hair
  66. Simple Fly Swatter
  67. Simple Lawn sprinkler
  68. Simple Parachute
  69. Simple Way To Carve Turkey
  70. Simple Way to get Fresh Orange Juice upon Awakening
  71. Simple Way to Open a Tight Window
  72. Simple Way to Take Own Photo
  73. Special Office Desk for Man who can’t Get Away on a Vacation
  74. Speed, Speed, and More Speed
  75. Stock Speculation’s in House Doctor
  76. The Numbers Blues
  77. Traffic Signals
  78. Turn On the Steam Before You Get Out of Bed
  79. Way to find glasses
  80. Windshield wiper
  81. Working Knowledge Article
  82. World Fair Gadgets